Friday, 16 February 2018

Talent is the key to recruiter agility | Recruiters Weekly News

Agile recruiters can expect a strong year in 2018 - that is the assessment of a study carried out by APSCo Australia. But how can agencies achieve nimbleness in a competitive jobs market? The answer, apparently, is found in the fundamentals of the recruitment industry.

As Britain faces up to the extent of its skills shortage in the run up to Brexit, both recruitment processes and employee retention are coming under the microscope. But, while the armed forces fails its recruitment targets, one Leeds agnecy believes it has found the winning formula for retaining a contented workforce.

Glassdoor reveals the strangest jobs titles listed on its site - but are they all really as odd as they first appear? Find out, in our Recruitment news.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Ideas for skills gaps, apprentices, and gig work | Recruiters Weekly News

 The Taylor Review set out strong guidelines for curbing exploitation in the so-called gig economy. This week, the UK government has pledged to secure the rights of unsecured workers. Among them, access to sick pay and annual leave. But can the proposed changes be enforced? And do they go far enough to protect the millions of contract workers in Britain?

Meanwhile, industry analysts reveal the extent of Britain's skills gap, and advise a rational approach to migration and recruitment. Could an expansion of the Apprenticeship Levy assure our industries of the vital skills in the future?

And social media is the place to score big wins in today's recruitment sector. But how can smaller agencies compete against firms with seemingly endleess resources? eBoss finds a way.

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Friday, 2 February 2018

Apprentices, temps, and how social media searches spot talent | Recruiters Weekly News

 Apprenticeships represent one of the most consistent and reliable talent pipelines for specialist skills in industry. So is enough being done to encourage a new generation of skilled young professionals to take up in-work training? With the collapse of Carillion leaving thousands of apprentices concerned for their future, has the image of apprenticeships been damaged? Meanwhile, one former Business Minister criticises the way the Apprenticeship Levy has been implemented.

Also this week: as LinkedIn reveals the top ten profile buzzwords for 2017. Do you use these terms to advertise your talents? And, in an era of advanced recruitment software, is this really the smartest strategy if you want to get headhunted on social media?

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Time for change in the Gig Economy? | Recruiters Weekly News

Parliament has heard suggestions to change the laws surrounding unsecured work. But, while the gig economy has caused controversy in the past, will proposed changes be any improvement? Enterprises that have developed a culture of agility could be unduly hit by new laws.

ALso this week, we found data which shines a light on the extent of the recruiting crisis in Britain's schools and hospitals. And one research group has identified the UK's best-paid professions. Does recruitment make the grade? Keep reading the eBoss  recruitment news round-up to find out.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Recruiting through a crisis | Recruiters Weekly News

What actions can recruiters take to address systemic problems in the jobs market?

This week, we saw the extent of the staffing retention crisis among nurses in NHS England. PFI management giant Carillion went into compulsory liquidation and left thousands of workers with an uncertain future. And new data suggests that Brexit uncertainty has put the brakes on the graduate recruitment programmes of many of Britain's top employers.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

The Recruitment Battleground | Recruiters Weekly News

What are the areas of contention for recruiters in 2018?

The british army took some flak for its new recruitment campaign. Traditionalists criticised its tone for being "too emotional" - but were they simply making a career in the forces palatable for a new generation of jobseekers?

Brexit is a topic for endless debate. but how do businesses plan for the future, when reports and forecasts often paint wildly conflicting perspectives on Britain's post-Brexit fortunes? eBoss looks at new data which suggests SMEs are cutting recruitment targets to safeguard against disruption.

Could gender pay disparity be consigned to history, with the expansion of compulsory reporting? And should Britain adopt the Icelandic approach of handing out heavy fines for infringements?

And: how difficult is it to recruit a recruiter in Australia?

eBoss has all of the answers. So keep reading our recruitment news round-up.

Friday, 5 January 2018

2018 trends: Agility, security, blockchain tech | Recruiters Weekly News

2018 promises to be an exciting year for the global recruitment industry. But what are the hot topics that will characterise the sector, over the next twelve months? From blockchain technology, to new approaches to worker agreements, and the smart implementation of recruitment software, eBoss considers the top trends for 2018. Read more of our recruitment news.