Friday, 13 July 2018

A Useful lesson for recruitment agencies | Weekly News

• How significant are qualifications in the hiring process? Do modern businesses have priorities beyond experience and track record? A new study could provide a useful lesson for recruitment agencies that build shortlists based on exam grades.

• Brexit is creating confusion for many. But who could be the winners - and who could lose out - in a post-Brexit Britain?

• Australia is struggling to attract candidates into several key industries. One expert has blamed the media for scaremongering over automation about job security. So we ask: has Australia getting automation all wrong?

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Friday, 6 July 2018

UK recruitment: ‘world’s most competitive market’

• Beijing Career International has described Britain as the world's most competitive recruitment market, ahead of a multimillion pound deal.

• High street retailers continue to struggle. We examine the numbers, and see why recruitment has stalled on Britain's high streets.

• The PageUp data breach has finally reached the UK. Discover which of the Australian recruitment software company's UK clients have been affected by the breach.

• And is Australia's skills gap being over-reported? Data from different sources suggests that the country is a world leader for filling placements quickly.

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Friday, 29 June 2018

Every Placement starts with ‘Place’ | eBoss Recruitment News

• Candidates from all corners the globe share the same deciding factor when it comes to choosing whether to accept a new job offer.

It is Job location.

So what does this mean for your recruitment strategies? eBoss looks at the data.

• The Australian jobs market is one of the world's most uneven. With more than 75% of all vacancies situated in just two of its cities, experts are offering recruitment strategies for agencies that now find themselves in a changing employment market.

• Young professionals are looking for a more creative candidate experience. Could gamification provide the answer?

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

That One Story You Didn’t Want To Read

If we told you what this story was about you wouldn’t click it

• Britain leads the world in hiring AI brains. But it is our universities – not our industries – that are snapping them up the fastest.

• Attract candidates by tapping into their personal aspirations. New data from Australia could give your insight a useful starting point.

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Recruitment strategies for Brexit Britain

• Recruitment strategies in post-Brexit Britain - who leads the way? As the exit date approaches, why recruiters should be watching action within the NHS for guidance.

• A court ruling on a plumber's holiday pay could change recruitment law. What does the Pimlico Plumbers ruling mean for your agency's legal liabilities?

• The army forces are under fire for targeting GCSE students in its social media recruitment campaigning.

• Also: Upskilling and retraining. Find free resources for recruitment agencies.

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Friday, 8 June 2018

When recruitment automation means growth

When it comes to recruitment automation is not a dirty word. Amazon announced an expansion of its workforce this week - read why they won't all be robots.

Which of Britain's cities is the best recruiter - and where are wages rising the fastest? New figures show the areas of UK job creation. For once, growth lies outside the capital.

A data breach in Australia may have just fired the starting gun on the new age of data breach reporting. Have large service providers become a security liability for their clients?

And do you have a social media recruitment strategy? If so, you probably have recruitment software that finds top talent for you. So would you really need your prospects to do this to get themselves noticed?

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Results, retention, recruitment experience

Is your recruitment experience up to scratch? If you neglect it, your results could suffer. New industry data shows that the recruitment process is vital for scoring high retention rates. If your clients cannot retain the candidates that you send them, it is you who will be left with questions to answer. Read more about the new findings here.

Last Friday was 'GDPR Day' - the moment when new data laws came into force. Were you prepared? Was anybody?

Industry analysts SAS say that 7 per cent of businesses had addressed all of their GDPR obligations before the deadline. But is it really as bad as we think it is? eBoss gives one reason why you shouldn't be frightened by the GDPR.

Recruitment industry data from April tells us that 2018 could be every bit the bumper year that 2017 was. Could UK recruiters be set to break even more records?

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