Friday, 20 April 2018

Global Recruitment Insights | Recruiters Weekly News

A new global report has presented its wide-ranging forecast for the next four years in recruiting. Demographic changes, evolving workplaces, and increasingly sophisticated recruiting processes will all help to transform the industry landscape. eBoss looks at the findings, and gives our own overview of key territories.

Britain: Permanent placements are outstripping temporary hires in the UK. We consider some of the factors influencing the data, and ask whether we are seeing a "new normal" in UK recruitment.

Ireland: Tech giants Microsoft have investigated the impact of digital workplaces across Europe. It has found that outdated environments are hindering productivity. What could this mean for productivity in Ireland's tech sector?

Australia: The digital transformation of work has the potential to create positive social change. To end our news round-up, we look at one such success story from Queensland, Australia. A new, cutting edge data centre has just opened in a region more commonly associated with vineyards and crop-dusting. But why are data centres so well-suited to setting up shop within isolated communities? An expert explains all.

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Friday, 13 April 2018

Optimism for Agile Recruiters? | Recruiters Weekly News

Industry heavyweights Hays published Subdued growth figures this week. In light of geopolitical factors such as Brexit, exchange rates, and trade uncertainty, eBoss asks whether recruitment giants' size is starting to count against them.

Meanwhile, Britain is not doing enough to tackle the potential crisis in recruitment from automation - with London expected to take the brunt of job cuts. But one future tech expert believes that efficiencies from automation will benefit more sectors than just manufacturing and industry.

Lastly, do you have a recruitment news story you want us to share? Get in contact with the new eBoss News Desk. We will share your successes with the world!

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Guidance on Legitimate Interest | Recruiters Weekly News

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidance on processing data on the grounds of a legitimate interest. The guidelines will assist recruiters as they prepare their legitimate interest assessment.

The UK’s new gender pay gap reporting system appears to have been a success. Response rates have been positive – but are were the right questions being asked?

And good news for Australia’s extroverts: Your communications skills are top of every employer’s list of requirements.

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Friday, 23 March 2018

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence | Recruiters Weekly News

We can sometimes be too skeptical of automation. Doubts about redundancies or a lack of accountability can make the digital transformation of work seem like a dystopia. But are we right to be so pessimistic? This week, eBoss rounds up the week's news headlines, and takes a lighter look at artificial intelligence. Will robots put you out of a job? Or will they kick-start a Gold Rush for skills recruitment in the UK? Read the rest of our Recruitment news to find out.

Friday, 16 March 2018

The Value of Life-Long Learning | Recruiters Weekly News

Are you regularly upskilling in your job? Do you know how often your colleagues and co-workers acquire new abilities? The latest survey data could come as a surprise. 

Life-long learning is among the top priorities for businesses facing their digital transformation. See what it takes to get to the top of the candidate pile in today's jobs market.

More government money has been allocated to apprenticeship schemes - despite uptake among young professionals continuing to fall. With no clear explanation, we ask whether apprenticeships are suffering from an image crisis?

And, if apprenticeships are unpopular because of the perceived lower income, Recruitment Buzz has provided the ideal response. The recruitment news website has compiled a list of the top-earning positions that do not require a degree.

And, finally, statistics don't always tell the full story. We look at a report which lists the hardest skills to source in Britain: should sandwich maker, dog walker, and football coach really be among the results? 

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Friday, 9 March 2018

The right tools for the job | Recruiters Weekly News

Apprenticeship schemes give businesses the perfect opportunity to create a workforce with skills tailor-made for their own objectives. They also offer young professionals a greater level of job security in an era defined by unsecured working agreements. So why do they remain so unattractive to both employers and recruits?

As the numbers in Britain's apprentice workforce fall for the second year in a row, eBoss looks at some of the reasons why uptake has not improved in the wake of a new government levy.

Elsewhere in the world of recruitment, Australia has re-shaped its working visa scheme to encourage an influx of new entrepreneurs.

And, with GDPR stealing the headlines, one professional consultancy firm warns recruiters not to ignore their obligations under new financial crime laws.

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